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RoamSIM (aka SuperSIM)

RoamSIM is a kind of SIM that possesses 3 separate IMSI or mobile operators’ profiles: One IMSI is for global mobile roaming that carries with it a UK (+44) mobile telephone number, another IMSI is that of a local mobile operator in the USA which gives it a USA (+1) mobile telephone number and the third IMSI is for its mobile roaming data service.

roam sim

It is ideally suited for use in making and receiving international calls at low costs/rates while one is mobile roaming in USA or in any of the 197 countries where RoamSIM has the roaming support by some 560 mobile network operators or for access to low cost data service while one is mobile roaming in some 130 countries.

The outstanding features about RoamSIM are listed as follows:

1. Coverage and low rates in around 200 countries.

2. UK and US local number on one card.

3. Free incoming calls on UK number in 70 countries.

4. Save over 85% on your roaming bills.

5. Special corporate call rates.

6. Outgoing calls as low as US$0.10/min.

7. Free incoming SMS.

8. Voicemail and call forwarding.

9. No Line Rentals, No Contracts.

10. No setup fees, hidden charges or commitments.

11. Online account management.

12. Employee card provision and management.

13. Call history, convenient credit top-up, charges, etc.

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