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A CallShop is a place where one can go to make a pay-per-use telephone call. It has telephone booths where the customer can have reasonably good privacy and sound-proofed environment to make conversation. It caters mainly to tourists, migrant workers and the undocumented and unbanked people in the population. Each CallShop has an owner/operator that deals with the customers and does the transaction of selling the service to the customer, the user of the service.

CallShop is an important facility for communication that a remote community can have with the outside world. It is commonly built using access to the Internet through the use of VSAT and Satellite ISP service. Ecocarrier undertakes to arrange to provide or build such a CallShop facility as turn-key operation.

CallShop business is very demanding in terms of service quality and effective call completion (success rate) as the owner/operator is facing the customer. The customer will not pay if the call does not go through or will not pay full price if the sound quality (audio) for the telephone call is not acceptably good.

CallShop business is a large part of Ecocarrier’s fixed-line telephone service provision business. We support thousands of CallShops in some 85 countries worldwide through a network of owners/operators who operate and manage the CallShops under their own brand name and label and domain name on the Internet. They charge the customers for the service in their local currency. The entire service is based on Ecocarrier’s award-winning Q-CallShop Managed Service Platform.

Q-CallShop is the best-of-breed. The following outstanding features are the reasons why Ecocarrier’s network of resellers worldwide is constantly growing:

  • 1. The architecture of the Q-CallShop network design is such that as owner of a chain/network of Q-CallShop you can view and manage the operation of your entire network of Q-CallShops, which may be located in various towns or countries across the globe, from anywhere on the Internet through the use of a browser logged-in to Ecocarrier’s Q-CallShop Service Platform.
  • 2. Indeed, you can even see through the browser a telephone booth of a particular Q-CallShop that is idling or a telephone booth that is in use and the destination telephone number that the user has dialed and the duration of the call in progress in real time.
  • 3. You can get on demand on-line, the amount of business that has been transacted between a particular date and time and another particular date and time and the amount of gross profit that you made during the defined period of time.
  • 4. A Q-CallShop may be configure to make VoIP call to international telephone numbers and/or to make local telephone calls through the local public telephone network – all calls recorded in Q-CallShop Service Platform and the call data and the billing and accounting for the calls made are available on-line for viewing and management.
  • 5. The excellent design architecture of Q-CallShop Service Platform allows you to build and operate a global/universal Q-CallShop that has its “telephone booths” geographically dispersed across the globe in various cities of various countries; the “telephone booth” may be an entity that consists of a mobile handset installed with Ecocarrier’s X-Dialer (refer to the section on X-Dialer for MobileDialer-to-Phone service) for use with Ecocarrier’s MobileDialer-to-Phone telephone service or the “telephone booth” may be entity that consists of Ecocarrier’s Ecofone installed in a PC (as in the case of a Cyber café / Internet café) for making PC-to-Phone telephone calls using Ecocarrier’s VoIP telephone service or the “telephone booth” may be on that is equipped with simple VoIP gateway (aka Analog Terminal Adaptor) for making telephone call calls by IP telephony.

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