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MasterAgents Prepaid PIN-less Telephone Service

Ecocarrier’s MasterAgents Service Program for prepaid PIN-less telephone service allows a reseller to set up a network of Agents to offer telephone service provision to end users with ease and optimum operation and management efficiency. All operation and management activities are carried out in the MasterAgent Service Website. The Master is the Reseller, the Agent may be an individual or a small retail outlet.

The outstanding features aredescribed as follows:

Important for Reseller and Agents

1.Complete facility for on-line secured control and management for the provision of Agent accounts by the Reseller; an Agent account can be created in a matter of minutes.

2.Complete facility for on-line secured control and management for the opening PIN-less accounts for end user customers by the Agent – Agent can act within certain framework of financial control, that is configured in the MasterAgent Service Website by the Reseller, to create a PIN-less account and sell credit to cover the usage by the account for/to an end user customer without having to consult the Reseller; the Agent can do the transaction in a matter of minutes.

Note: That there is no need to have any physical inventory of telephone cards.

3.Versatile billing software capability of the MasterAgents Service Program enables the Reseller to create a billing regime, that is required in their business competitive environment, so as to present to the end users the appearance of the best deal for calling certain destination countries or dial-codes; possible configurations include (i) setting end user rates for certain dial-codes, in a granular fashion, that are the lowest in the market place, (ii) setting of the minimum number of seconds/minutes per call for purpose of minimum billing (iii) setting of the number of seconds per increment after the initial minimum billing (iv) setting of connection fee (v) Setting of daily maintenance fee (vi) defining the minute in terms of seconds and (vii) inflated announcement of available call duration.

Note:That such billing regime configuration must be solely the decision and discretion of the Reseller who is solely responsible for such action.

4.An end user who has opened an account with one Agent may afterwards purchase additional credit amount for topping the credit amount in the account from another Agent; in such a scenario both the Agents are rewarded for the sales of the credit top-up in the form of a sales commission at percentages that the Reseller can configure in the MasterAgents Service Website.

Note:That an end user account, when it is opened, belongs to the Master (i.e. the Reseller).

Important for End-users

1.Reliable, high-quality service at competitive per minute rates for making local, national and international calls.

2.No need to remember a 12-digit PIN or carry a prepaid telephone card with a PIN.

3.No risk of losing the PIN or the prepaid calling card with the PIN and losing the remaining credit in the account.

4.End-user/subscriber can register up to 5 telephone numbers – fixed line or mobile – from which he/she can make telephone calls without having to enter PIN.

Note:the Agent can register the 5 telephone numbers for the end user at the time of setting up the account.

5.Hot-line Calling Function that can be configured on-line by Agent for the subscriber for calling a HotlineNumber at the time of account set up.Whenever the subscriber call from any of the 5 pre-registeredtelephone numbers to the access number, the call is automatically connected to the Hotline Number.

This facility enables you to propagate your business worldwide effectively and efficiently in managed service model.

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