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Ecocarrier’s mobile roaming SIMs and the relative services are designed for use by people who are mobile roaming - meaning they are away from or outside the mobile network of the Mobile Network Operator whose service they subscribe to normally. These people are therefore travelers or visitors to a foreign land or country for a short stay that ranges from a few days to a few months.

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They can be grouped in various categories, namely:

The outstanding features about Roamsim are listed as follows:

1. Outbound Travelers who go abroad to travel for business or for leisure as tourists.

2. Inbound Travelers who arrive in a country from a foreign land/country to travel or tour the country of visit.

3. Students who go abroad to another country to attend schools, training or learning classes for education or edification.

4. Personnel of corporation as Road Warriors who are on an assignment or mission to do certain tasks in a foreign land/country.

Ecocarrier has designed service packages that cater to the above-mentioned kinds of target users of the mobile roaming service to meet their need for voice, text and data communication while traveling or mobile roaming.

The value proposition that Ecocarrier offers to them are the consistently high quality service at low prices that represent savings of 55% - 90% and useful enhanced service features that include:

1. On-demand on-line viewing of usage data and billing information.

2. On-line credit charge up, credit top-up scratch cards.

3. Alias personal telephone numbers available in/of some 550 cities of 65 countries worldwide – a great convenience feature that they can use to offer to the persons important to them or their business to call them by simply dialing a local telephone number.

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